Saturday, May 8, 2010


  What do you do when you realize, very suddenly, that your little girl will no longer be your little girl in a couple of years. If no sooner?

  I have, of course, been sworn to secrecy, but since her internet access is limited to what I allow her to view, I guess I can share... OMG, where to begin? Where, oh where?
  Niki has very hairy little legs, which I, for obvious reasons, do not see as a problem. She's a little girl, what does she need to be concerned with leg hair for, right? Wrong.  Apparently she is made fun of by the little boys (she has yet to realize that they actually like her, because shes cute as a button!) for having hair on her legs. So, being a concerned mom, when she complains, I shave her legs for her- on a monthly basis, ish... BUT this time, OMG!!! THIS time I look up, and there's HAIR! And I do not mean on her legs!!! She's only 9. What do I do now?

  Can I just kill myself? Or maybe, be cryo-frozen until she turns 18? PLEASE? It's only 9 more years...