Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did You Fall In?!?

 When living in the world of toddler boys, few things are more significant than when they finally decide to use the potty. It means a level of independence, fewer diapers, and a lot more mess! Ever see the sings in a bathroom saying "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be sweet, wipe the seat!" ?? Yeah, that is non-applicable in the world of wee little winky dinks, and chubby little fingers.

 Yesterday Troy absolutely refused to wear a diaper. I put one on him, he hid and took it off. I tracked, captured, and pinned down the wriggling little beast, attempting repeatedly to deploy the shit containing devices. To absolutely no avail. He dodged, twirled, kicked, wiggled, slithered, and clawed his way out of them every time... Finally, I caved. "Ok" I said "You win."
 Troy was extremely delighted by my defeat, he squealed with delight, and streaked about the house for the better part of an hour. That was when I became suspicious, and began checking for winky dribble. None. Ok, must be he hasn't had enough fluids today. In mid-thought nikki walks through the front door, completely disrupting the plan I was forming, to again capture and diaper the beast. Off he runs...
  Meanwhile, I question Nikki as to why she is home before 1500- apparently it was a 1/2 day. What a great mom I am, completely escaped being stored in my memory banks. She walks away abruptly, stating that the need to urinate is becoming imminent. I follow down the hall, still questioning, when I hear her squeal in a sickeningly sweet voice "Troy!!! Youe Peed In The POTTY!!!". I  round the corner just in time to see my half naked child on tippy toes, grasping the rim of the toilet with one hand, and his we little winky dink in the other, leaned almost far enough over to cause a surge of adrenaline at the thought of him falling head first into the porcelain pisser."I point it DOWN!" he says, and sure enough, I see that he had. Not one drop landed on the clean tiled floor.

 This is but one more step toward my baby becoming my little man... I wish I could freeze him just how he is now, for a couple more years. At least.
 On the other hand, it sure beats getting squirted in the face first thing in the morning, when you come to realize just a moment too late, that the little bugger isn't done yet.

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